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My Guide to Laguna Woods Village

For those who don’t know, Laguna Woods is located near the coast of Southern California about an hour north of San Diego.  The population is over 18,000 residents with 98% of them living in the age restricted gated community Laguna Woods Village.

Laura’s Guide to Laguna Woods Village has lots of helpful information about Laguna Woods Village. The site is constantly growing as I add information, pictures, videos, and other data to help you better navigate and understand Laguna Woods Village.

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My Guide to Laguna Woods Village Today’s Way to Rent

My property management and leasing website is more dynamic than my competitors. It helps me to visually differentiate the properties I manage, to fast track good rental candidates, to have real time chats with prospects, and communicate with existing tenants. by Group 1 Real Estate for Property Management and Leasing

My Dad Always Said: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Take a look at some of my accomplishments in the marketing of my financial services. It would be a pleasure to do the same for your property.

Featured in Cover Article

Featured in Cover Article

Featured in a cover article “Brave New Web; How Planners Online Find Clients Overseas” in Financial Planning Magazine®. The article started “One of Laura Scroggins’ clients is an American Woman living in Japan. The two women have never met, nor have they spoken on the phone.”

Featured in Article

Featured in Article

Featured in an article “To Link or Not to Link, One Woman’s Philosophy” in Financial Planning Magazine®. “Laura Scroggins, who owns a financial planning in Chico, Calif. writes and designs her 85-page Web site herself.”

Subject of Case Study

Subject of Study

Subject of a published case study “How an FA (financial advisor) Cornered The Divorce Market”. The study was published by Horsesmouth®.

Reviewed These Textbooks

Textbook Mention

Stanley G. Eakins, East Carolina University “Investments, Institutions, and Management, 2/e” published by Addison-Wesley. Copyright: 2002.

Contributed to This Textbook

Textbook Mention

Michael Levy and Barton A. Weitz “Retailing Management, 1/e” published by McGraw Hill- Irwin. Copyright: 1992 Format: Hardcover.

Contributed to This Manuscript

Textbook Review

Bodie, Merton, and Crawford “Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (manuscript)” published by Prentice Hall. Copyright: 2004 Format: Manuscript.

Here’s More About My Past Success

  • Broker since 2006

  • Financial Manager

  • M.B.A. and B.A. Economics

  • Financial Adviser

  • Lending Experience

  • Featured Speaker

  • Social Media Maverick

  • NMLS Mortgage Lender (inactive)

  • Right of Way Agent

  • Series 7 NASD Stock Broker

  • Registered Investment Advisor

  • University Lecturer

  • Title Searcher

  • Account Executive Title Insurance

  • Master of Business Admin

  • Bachelor in Economics

  • SRES Senior RE Specialist

  • Bachelor in Economics

  • Outstanding Econ Graduate

  • Phi Eta Sigma

  • Pi Gamma Mu

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Take a look at these three emerging developments to help me attract, training, and retain team members and fabulous clients.

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Of Course I Blog!

I first started blogging in 2007 and as you can read I am passionate and involved in everything business including finance, marketing, and technology.

I recently moved to Laguna Woods Village and my spouse immediately started calling me Laguna Laura. I thought it was clever and could be easy for people to remember. I was not sure what I would do with the domain initially and then it occurred to me it would be a good place for me to power my blog.

My first blog post was in 2007, but to be fair my first published website was in the 1990s. I wish I had that content because I started writing when I was teaching most of the certified financial advisors courses at CSU Chico.
My Blog

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Let me put this considerable amount of education, experience, and success to work for you as you buy, sell, or lease property.

“Her energy, enthusiasm, and experience set her above the rest”

Take a look at the recommendations on my LinkedIn Profile

Laura is a tremendously hard-working professional who knows the ins and out of business operations. Fortunately, I was privileged enough to have her work for my team in the Bellevue market, where she definitely excelled above and beyond the call of duty. She was well over qualified for the role she was in, but made sure to inspire and develop everyone she came in contact with.
John Barrett
In all my years of business management, Laura was by far the best employee I’ve ever had. Her energy, enthusiasm, and experience set her scores above the rest. She is a dedicated team player who also maintains her individuality – a unique combination in an employee. She goes above and beyond the call of duty: constantly looking for creative ways to improve sales, customer retention, or business operations.
Jesse Chase
Laura is the type of person who will find success in any endeavor she chooses to undertake. She is a hard worker and a brilliant problem solver. Her level high emotional intelligence and positive attitude allow her to handle the toughest business situations with ease and to build strong relationships with both co-workers and customers.
Nathan Mott
I’m very thankful for Laura Scroggins. Laura’s ability to connect with people and high intelligence are some of her strongest character traits. Laura’s strong work ethic and impenetrable value system make Laura a major asset to anyone and to any firm seeking outliers. Thank you Laura for being “that person” who made unbelievable influence in my life and helping to guide me in the right direction
Eric Mason
Laura is a professional educator with extensive knowledge in several fields, including finance (which she previously taught at Humboldt State University), technology (the latest in Drupal training, the OpenSource movement) and business in general. She has not only taught at Humboldt, but also in the Bay Area as a specialist in the deployment of Drupal systems for web-based business solutions. In brief terms, at times I think of her as a walking university, and would recommend her to anyone considering to add her strengths to their organization
Amar Georgeson

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